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photo shoot

Olivier Brandenberg, professional photographer, will take photos of your products in various countries and landscapes, creating atmosphere, brand awareness, and global recognition.

When you subscribe, you will receive approx. 20 quality, authentic, and spontaneous photos of one or more products.

Use the photos on social networks, websites, and in your e-newsletters.

Martine will liaise with Oliver to take your product with him on his travels around the world. He will photograph these products in different situations, depending on his stop overs. The staging of each image is exclusive to each brand.

The products can be photographed with people, without being able to recognise faces. The number of photos and their delivery interval will be discussed and confirmed.

Usage rights


The photos can be used internationally on digital platforms (website, social networks, etc.), as well as in the brand's e-newsletters for an unlimited period of time. They can also be used to illustrate paid ads (excluding online advertising campaign).


The photos can be used on flyers or invitations distributed locally. The rights to use a photo for an international advertising campaign (posters, OOH display, point of sale display...), have to be discussed separately.


Olivier Brandenberg

has been working for 23 years as an independent photographer and film director. Visit:  

Martine Ayer

As Director of M.Ayer mkt & com, Martine is responsible for the client relationships, the logistics and the administration.